Quilts Actually

Quilts Actually

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spinnaker Quilt

This is the last quilt I had on the machine before Christmas, a Christmas gift for my dad.  

Spinnaker Quilt on machine

The design is a rounded rectangle edge to edge panto.

Spinnaker Quilt detail 2

I quilted it with putty (beige) So Fine #50 thread.  It was a good neutral color for a quilt with so many colors.  

Spinnaker Quilt detail

I also machine sewed the binding on to the front of this quilt - saving tons of time!

Spinnaker Quilt binding

This is the back of this quilt.  The back was pieced, and there is linen in both the back and front, but it quilted up very nicely.

Spinnaker Quilt back

Here is the completed quilt - so pretty!

Spinnaker Quilt front

It was wonderful to end the year on this note :)


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Out to Sea Quilt

This quilt is an oversized baby quilt meant to transition from baby to toddlerhood in both size and motif.   It is centered around the pirate girls from the "Out to Sea" fabric collection, and is a fun quilt both front and back.  

Machine Quilted Out to Sea

This shows a closeup of the pieced back.  The map is also a panel from the "Out to Sea" fabric collection.  

Machine Quilting on longarm

This shot of the back really shows off the nautical quilting design.  I used light grey thread on this quilt to blend in.  

Nautical baby quilt

Here is a closeup of what the design looks like on the front.

Nautical longarm quilting

Now, some action shots of the quilting in progress.  My Millennium is center stage in this one.

Millennium APQS longarm

I love how you can see the design on the light back as I rolled the completed portion up.  

Machine Quilting

Closeup action shot of my machine at work.  

Machine Quilting


Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue and Brown Pandora's Box

This quilt is from "Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  It is a sweet blue and brown baby version.  I quilted it with interlocking squares in a geometric pattern to make it a little more masculine and to help it survive lots of use.  

Here it is loaded on the long arm.

A closeup of the quilting design.  I used light blue thread that blended nicely into the blue portions, but didn't stand out too much in the cream and brown sections.  

This is a true color version of this quilt.

This one shows the design a little better.  


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pink and Brown Quilt

This is a special quilt that was a long work in progress!  I started this quilt in early 2011 while I was in Afghanistan.  ADD LINK TO OTHER BLOG!!  More of the story of this quilt can be found here.  

I quilted it with an allover heart pantograph to help keep the quilt feminine and soft.  The closeup below shows the design better than the overall views.  I used a very light pink that blended well into the multitude of shades of pink and cream.  

The back shows the design as well.

This is the pieced back.  The bottom pink portion is flannel, so this will be a soft and warm quilt.